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Get to the heart of the market. Stay on top of all the news that matters to portfolios – and decipher its value.

“Based on ideas derived from decoding the human genome… a money-spinning killer app.”

– The Economist Online

Solve the problem of Information overload

“We used to be data poor and now the problem is data obesity.”
– Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

Too much information can leave investors swamped.  More than ninety percent of professionals admit to “deleting or discarding work information without fully reading it,” according to a Lexis-Nexus survey.

“Overloaded investors make worse decisions, [they] have more confidence because information gives the illusion of control.  This results in short-termism, overly aggressive trading and higher market volatility.”
– Virginie Maisonneuve of PIMCO

Discover what’s critical to know

SenTMap is Alexandria’s advanced research tool designed to keep investors up to date with analyzed financial news – so they can focus on what matters to their holdings and make better decisions.

Standard knowledge management systems organize content in linear, hierarchical and static chains of information.  SenTMap gives investors confidence that valuable information is being extracted from the fire hose of financial news– assessed for its potential to add value or signal risk.

Make sense out of mountains of content

SenTMap helps  investors keep the whole picture of financial news in view, including its market impact.  Investors can stay oriented  within a large volume of content.  And they will find what they’re looking for even when they’re unsure what it is – so they can direct attention to what really matters.

Better understanding of high-value news means better returns  – and assurance one won’t get caught off-guard.