Beat the market to news that beats markets. In milliseconds, ACTA extracts market sentiment from tens of thousands of daily news items.

High-Performance Text Analytics and Sentiment Assessment Engine

ACTA is built to handle massive amounts of unstructured content and accurately identify the hidden sentiment, critical facts, and key relationships buried within. ACTA employs a non-linear, pattern-matching methodology that avoids the accuracy and flexibility problems inherent in standard word- and rule-based approaches to text analytics.

“Lately, your correspondent has seen a sentiment engine based on ideas derived from decoding the human genome that spits out real-time opinions about the stockmarket’s behaviour almost as quickly as the index can react….If only he had got his hands on one before bidding farewell to the trading floor…”

– The Economist Online


Twenty to thirty milliseconds after a Dow Jones news release, ACTA has it read, understood and delivered for use. 


ACTA sorts through mountains of content to find the global companies, economies, commodities, currencies, and broad debt categories investors care about.


ACTA helps with the heart of investment decision-making – by identifying good or bad news. Sentiment is predictive on price and orthogonal to traditional factors.


Breakthrough algorithms understand the meaning behind news, not just the facts.  ACTA’s classifies sentiment with high accuracy in English and Japanese.