We create technology that helps professional investors understand the heart of the market. At every step of the investment process.


  • Apply as an alpha or risk factor
  • Use as an orthogonal source of investment return
  • Employ for stock level and macro analysis


  • Spot potential stresses in markets and positions
  • Monitor news for all company assets


  • Capture news for a large portfolio or sector universe
  • Identify companies receiving news spikes and good or bad news
  • Uncover trends through time


  • Stay on top of positions in real time
  • Set alerts with news spikes
  • Contact clients first with critical information

About Alexandria

Extracting Value from Big Data – Since 2007

Alexandria applies big data solutions to the needs of the institutional investors, employing pioneering research and development.

Rooted in Bioinformatics, Statistics and Computer Science

Alexandria was founded in 2007 by Ruey-Lung Hsiao and Eugene Shirley as a research and development lab with the aim of creating a suite of integrated technology solutions to big data problems.  Early clients in education, government, and finance were swamped with information and required advanced tools to discover the intelligence they needed, when they needed it.

Prior to co-founding Alexandria, Dr. Hsiao’s research at UCLA focused on computer science, statistics and bioinformatics, a cross-disciplinary field that incorporates advanced methodologies to understand the human and other genomes.   In Alexandria, Hsiao enhanced these techniques and applied them to deciphering the unstructured content of financial news, understanding the news contextually, and delivering it to users in context-specific and personalized ways. Co-founder Eugene Shirley brought to Alexandria entrepreneurial experience in media and education, with an interest in knowledge management and information visualization.

Shirley’s and Hsiao’s backgrounds in combination motivated the company, from the beginning, to develop a complete information management/visualization system powered by its own back-end analytics.

Dan Joldzic, a former portfolio manager, joined the team to craft products tailored for the institutional investment industry.

Beginning in 2012, Alexandria accepted no further contract work in order to bring its financial services products to market in partnership with Dow Jones.

Executive Team

Eugene B. Shirley, Jr.


Eugene B. Shirley, Jr. launched Alexandria with Ruey-Lung Hsiao in 2007 and served as founding CEO. He is co-founder of an educational non-profit, founding editor of a quarterly journal, and for twenty-five years founding President of a documentary film production company for PBS and international broadcast distribution (up to thirty countries).  Honors include a White House premiere and a BAFTA (“British Academy Award”) nomination. Eugene is a former Jennings Randolph Fellow at The United States Institute of Peace and Adjunct Fellow at Hudson Institute. He comments, “I’ve always worked at one end or the other of the knowledge industry — involving inter-disciplinary teams. Alexandria is no different in this regard.  In fact, it’s the cross-fertilization among specialists that has allowed us to create engines at the cutting edge of predictive analytics in finance, and provide the value we do for our clients.”

Dan Joldzic, CFA, FRM

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dan Joldzic served dual roles as a portfolio manager and research analyst at Alliance Bernstein over six years before joining Alexandria in 2008.  As a portfolio manager, he oversaw management of Alliance Bernstein Enhanced Index portfolios with assets under management of $3.5 Billion. As an analyst, he employed quantitative analysis to improve performance in equity and currency accounts.  In his former capacity, he has dealt first hand with the difficulty of extracting relevant data from large bodies of information. Dan has a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and is a CFA and FRM charterholder.

Ruey-Lung Hsiao, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Ruey-Lung Hsiao, Ph.D. made early contributions to the pioneering field of Bioinformatics, helping molecular biologists and statisticians discover critical intelligence amid vast amounts of genomic data. He cofounded Alexandria in 2007 as a research lab to focus on integrated text analytics, knowledge management and information visualization solutions for big data. Ruey holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles in addition to a Masters Degree in Computer Science from National Taiwan University (NTU).   Ruey’s research focus in Computer Science includes Artificial Intelligence, Web/Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Large Scale Database Systems, and Machine Learning. He has participated in numerous interdisciplinary projects – among them, work in genomic sequence analysis that integrated Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, and Molecular Biology. Ruey is the developer or co-developer of several patented systems, and has developed several open-source software programs.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Board of Directors:
Ruey-Lung Hsiao
W. Paul Krauss
Margaret Raymond
David Rensin
Eugene B. Shirley Jr.
Wayne Wagner

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Board of Advisors:
Chester E. Finn, Jr.
John T.L. Koh
Thomas R. Grey
Andrew Tobias

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